Coffee Culture (Juba coffee shops review)

Airport Road has become the epicenter of coffee shops in Juba with new ones popping up every day it seems. Some also double up as restaurants but they definitely have the coffee shop vibe. In this article we will be looking at each coffee shop to see which beans they use and what separates them from the rest.

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Wow Café 

Wow Café near the new Zain headquarters on Airport Road was for many the first coffee shop on the strip. The establishment opened two years ago and has been popular with the Ethiopian / Eritrean community and South Sudanese alike. They have had several revamps over the last year and they are always adding something new. The inside seated area is modern and air conditioned where the outside section has more of a traditional Ethiopian coffee house feel. 

The coffee is dark roast Ethiopian made by a barista Paul and the staff are friendly. Definitely worth a visit.  

In House Coffee & Bakery

 In House is situated at Star Apartments opposite Fly Dubai offices. The cute little shop has a variety of coffee that they serve at request from dark roast Ethiopian to mild roast Kenyan beans. The shop also has a bakery and is well known for birthday cakes, pastries and they serve a very appetizing full English breakfast. This shop is perfect for a quiet meeting or a Saturday morning meet up with friends.

Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge is quite new on the scene, an air-conditioned cafe serving Ethopian coffee situated directly across from Wow Cafe. The lady barista Sylvia is doing a great job of keeping us caffeine addicts happy. The quick service and a no frills set up is just what you need for a quick meeting or a takeaway americano.

Notos Coffee Shop 

The well known brand Notos who have a flagship restaurant in Juba town serving Indian and continental cuisine have recently branched out and have several coffee shops around town. The branch on Airport Road was originally in Goshen House but recently moved just around the corner to an interesting, groovy set up that doubles as a cash and carry. The warehouse that has been half converted into a coffee shop is actually a cool place to have a coffee and get some work done. The shop has an air-conditioned area where the coffee is made and also a more spacious area that is cooled by fans. Worth checking out if you are in the area

Connect Coffee

Kenyan franchise Coffee Connect is the new kid on the block and opened in June 2021. The coffee shop is situated in Goshen House and in fact it’s the exact same shop that Notos moved out from. The shop expanded and is fitted out with all the style and décor you would expect from a Nairobi Coffee House (very modern). The company roast their own beans on site and are priding themselves as the first coffee roasters in South Sudan although I think some of my aunties might be challenging this claim lol. 

They have a light menu with salads and paninis and drummed up a lot of business in the first few weeks with a 50% discount on everything on the menu. We encourage more coffee shops to also incorporate these types of offers as we the customers love it. 

So as each coffee shop has its own atmosphere and vibe, we will leave it to you to go and judge the coffee for yourself but would love to hear which ones you like best for our next issue. All the coffee shops are fairly priced and we think they are worth a visit whether you are a coffee lover, enjoy tea or just want a space to have a bite to eat. 

by Deng Kon

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Wode Maya’s Visit to South Sudan

Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTube star, was in Juba earlier this year on a ten day visit to collaborate with South Sudanese YouTubers and content creators to present a new and fresh narrative of the country.

 For many years Eng. Berthold Winkler aspired to present a new narrative of Africa and in 2018 brought his vision to life after changing his career direction from an aeronautical engineer in China and became recognized around the world as Wode Maya, a YouTube Vlogger and Digital Media influencer. 

Wode Maya saw the fantastic global opportunity that YouTube offers. It is a global digital media platform that allows creatives to express themselves through a YouTube channel by uploading high-quality videos with interesting scripts. The next step is to grow an audience in order to increase channel subscribers and viewership to qualify for the YPP (YouTube Partner Program), which allows you to monetize your content.

Now as a highly  successful YouTuber,  Wode Maya creates visuals of positive content about Africa’s social, cultural, economic, artistic, and overall potential, which has earned him a large international audience and fan base with a following of 800,000 + subscribers, as well as more than one hundred million views on the platform. 

We caught up with Wode Maya during his recent visit to South Sudan and he shared his thoughts, experience and enthusiasm for youtube vlogging.

 “When it comes to YouTube, it’s a lucrative career that requires a lot of effort. To begin earning money, some form of investment is required. My YouTube channel earns between $20,000-$40,000 per month, depending on my consistency in uploading high-quality, creative videos. I’m making more as I post more. If I include brands and individuals who pay to be featured on my channel, I’d make $100,000 or more monthly” shares the content creator in an interview with Good Vibes.

 In general, YouTube is a profitable business, but it is not for everyone, just like any other business or career path. Content study, visual presentation skills, and being tech-savvy or digitally conscious are all needed for success on the platform. Most importantly, for the content to begin producing sales, it will require imagination, time, and effort. The big question remains, Why?

 The self-proclaimed African village boy emphasizes the importance of South Sudanese participating in changing media narratives, whether through YouTube or other platforms. “I admire the people of this beautiful country because they are resilient and have a strong desire to succeed. It’s been ten days, and I’m impressed at what the youth are doing to invest in their country. These are stories that should be told to the rest of the world. Stories that demonstrate that there is a more positive side to the country than is commonly portrayed.” 

 South Sudan’s youth have shown rapid growth and potential as talented YouTubers and overall Content Creators in modern-day media, whether it’s via Chat with Sambro on Facebook Live, Nyounville sharing short films on YouTube, or Kiden’s Junubia Girl Talks Podcast. South Sudanese citizens can improve their use of digital tools by not only presenting a new narrative and progressing technologically in line with the rest of the world, but also broadcasting the South Sudan they want to live in.

 While in South Sudan Wode Maya visited many sights and and tourist attractions from cruising on the Nile, visiting farms, entrepreneur’s businesses and a Mundari cattle camp. He also went to the market and tried the local food with local YouTuber Charity Naji in suk Konyo Konyo and Hai Thora. The young man’s youtube channel is full of positive and fun stories from around the continent and his time in South Sudan is no different. 

 To check out his channel please visit

or search Wode Maya South Sudan on Youtube 

Story by Eva Lopa

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Abul Oyay : My Plate of Combo

The invitation to the exhibition came across WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms and in no time, word spread about Abul Oyay’s hosting of her first art exhibition since moving onto the compound of the Visually Impaired in Juba, South Sudan. Baobab House – named for the large baobab tree in the front yard – was the venue and everyone was excited. Both locals and internationals expressed interest in coming out to view the new pieces as well as older works by Abul. The event was a hit and the theme “My Plate of Combo” was totally fitting.

Combo, a South Sudanese food, is a staple meal that everyone knows, eats, and loves. It’s the dish that is low cost and high in nutrition. It is also very delicious and filling especially when eaten with kisra (South Sudan’s flat bread). Made with okra and local peanut butter, Combo helps people get through lean times and no one gets tired of eating it.

Abul chose the theme “My Plate of Combo” to share how her art has sustained her through very tough times in the past. She also chose the theme to express the hospitality of South Sudanese when sharing food. Fadal: An Arabic word that means welcome is one that is usually spoken especially when eating and can be a greeting to complete strangers to join in sharing a meal.  During the event, Abul not only welcomed friends and strangers into her home, she also allowed her guests to learn a bit more about her which turned out to be a special treat.

In the past, she’d been told that some of her work was too expensive so, My Plate of Combo was Abul’s way to allow those with smaller wallets afford to buy her work – just as providing a plate of Combo to one’s family is inexpensive. And in her humble way, she used some of the proceeds to uphold her commitment to her visually impaired neighbors – that being to support them in their endeavors to participate in creative activities. Abul opened up and shared why she’d chosen the theme, her commitment to her neighbors, and updated her guest on all the new artwork. There were pieces priced as low as $200 and those that cost $1500.

Each piece of art that Abul Oyay creates is one-of-a-kind and when someone purchases a piece from her, they know that no one else has a copy of it. What they also need to know is that they are not only buying art, they are supporting a young and developing nation. Abul travels all over South Sudan for inspiration and always finds a way to give back to those that inspire her. Much of her work incorporates themes from places she’s visited as well as materials like coffee, kerkede (hibiscus), and stitching by local women; techniques she shares during her monthly “Wine and Canvas” event at the Baobab House. Locals as well as internationals interested in painting join her in creating art and learning new best practices directly from Abul. Participants are invited to “paint, drink wine, and have fun” while spending time with other art-lovers and Abul. Wine and Canvas is Abul’s special way of sharing her talent with others as well as showing the uniqueness of what it is to be a South Sudanese. Just as she takes time so give to others, she also takes her time with each piece she paints and adds a personal touch ensuring that what is sold is wholly unique and satisfying – just as Combo is and has been for South Sudanese – Abul Oyay’s work is distinctive and simply beautiful.

By: Saree Mading

Good Vibes Magazine issue 1, Nov 2019

Kush Vintage (Fashion of Modern Times)

There is a buzz of artistic activity happening in juba at the moment, the young people in the capital have taken to all types of creative expression that really highlights the drive and passion of the youth working towards a brighter future. Kush Vintage is a start up company that initially was formed as a collective of fashion designers, models, photographers, graphic designers, stylists, make up artists and comedians that would meet up once a week to discuss how their respective sectors were doing and to see if there was a way in which each member could bring work to the others.

Although work was coming in for the collective the members felt they needed to do more to shine light on their separate skill sets. The founders came to the realisation that they had all the elements to conduct marketing campaigns and came up with a proactive plan to market themselves as their first project.

Kush Vintage has blossomed into an A-Z solution company for marketing in South Sudan. Gone are the days of companies and graphic designers searching in vain for indigenous models to represent their company on billboards and magazine adverts. Kush vintage are a very impressive group of talented young creatives that are here to fill the void. The group consists of guys and  ladies from different parts of South Sudan whom all bring individual talents to make the master piece you see before you.

The pictures that were curated by the company on the river banks of the White Nile show the effort and well thought out plan by the group to bring this idea to fruition. Standing in the hot juba sun for hours on end was no deterrent for the models and camera crew who knew that getting the perfect picture would bring their project main stream attention.

Of course in the fashion of modern times the pictures from the shoot were uploaded on social media and has caught the imagination of the thousands of fashion lovers and facebook users. Fans and well wishers are now excitedly waiting to see which style and back drop Vintage Kush will use for their next shoot or will they be snapped up for an add campaign by one of the big companies in South Sudan?

The group that consists of Lual Maduk (Model/ Designer), Akur Leek (Make up artist/Model) Dhieu Francis (Model) Anyuon Anthony( Media specialist/Designer), Sara Yien (Makeup specialist/ Trainer), Majok Malual ( Stylist/Designer) Waisa Charles( Designer/model) Giet Junior( Model/Run way trainer)  Biar Malual (Model/Designer)  Pieng (Dancer/ Model) Chiengkuach Mabil (Manager) & Achouth Deng (Photographer) Have a contagious energy and we expect this group to achieve huge success in the near future.

Kush vintage can be reached at



Written by Deng Kon