After being in business for many years we often forget that the simple things make a big difference to clients and vendors alike. We are here to remind you and help brush up on your business etiquette.

The basis of business etiquette is about building strong relationships in your field by fostering better communication. This can only happen when people you do business with feel secure and comfortable.

Keep Time

Keeping time is key to doing “good” business, we all have our struggles and last minute emergency meetings but this has to be communicated to the person waiting for you somewhere else. It makes life easier when you are considerate to others and let them know well in advance that you will be cancelling, allowing them to also get things done in the mean time.

The best way is to manage your time properly and make sure you allow adequate time between meetings to arrive 15 minutes early.

Reply to Emails and text messages

Do you often call a colleague or associate to ask for a number or information? Do you send a reply message to confirm you have received it? It is common courtesy to reply with a simple message stating well received, appreciated or thanks. The reply shows appreciation of their effort and will help ensure that the next time you request information you will receive it.

Don’t use your phone during meetings

Using your phone is a sign that you are not interested in what someone is telling you. This will often lead to the person you are doing business with to feel that their opinion is is not valued and could cause them to take their business somewhere else.

Even though some people take notes on mobile apps its important to let the others in the meeting know what you are doing as this helps to avoid them getting the wrong end of the stick.

Introduce yourself & others

Although we have a very strong tradition of introducing people in South Sudan its important to remember that not everyone will remember you from a previous meeting. You should always be ready to reintroduce yourself without feeling offended or at least without showing that you are offended. Once you reintroduce yourself its time to make a good impression.