Wode Maya’s Visit to South Sudan

Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTube star, was in Juba earlier this year on a ten day visit to collaborate with South Sudanese YouTubers and content creators to present a new and fresh narrative of the country.

 For many years Eng. Berthold Winkler aspired to present a new narrative of Africa and in 2018 brought his vision to life after changing his career direction from an aeronautical engineer in China and became recognized around the world as Wode Maya, a YouTube Vlogger and Digital Media influencer. 

Wode Maya saw the fantastic global opportunity that YouTube offers. It is a global digital media platform that allows creatives to express themselves through a YouTube channel by uploading high-quality videos with interesting scripts. The next step is to grow an audience in order to increase channel subscribers and viewership to qualify for the YPP (YouTube Partner Program), which allows you to monetize your content.

Now as a highly  successful YouTuber,  Wode Maya creates visuals of positive content about Africa’s social, cultural, economic, artistic, and overall potential, which has earned him a large international audience and fan base with a following of 800,000 + subscribers, as well as more than one hundred million views on the platform. 

We caught up with Wode Maya during his recent visit to South Sudan and he shared his thoughts, experience and enthusiasm for youtube vlogging.

 “When it comes to YouTube, it’s a lucrative career that requires a lot of effort. To begin earning money, some form of investment is required. My YouTube channel earns between $20,000-$40,000 per month, depending on my consistency in uploading high-quality, creative videos. I’m making more as I post more. If I include brands and individuals who pay to be featured on my channel, I’d make $100,000 or more monthly” shares the content creator in an interview with Good Vibes.

 In general, YouTube is a profitable business, but it is not for everyone, just like any other business or career path. Content study, visual presentation skills, and being tech-savvy or digitally conscious are all needed for success on the platform. Most importantly, for the content to begin producing sales, it will require imagination, time, and effort. The big question remains, Why?

 The self-proclaimed African village boy emphasizes the importance of South Sudanese participating in changing media narratives, whether through YouTube or other platforms. “I admire the people of this beautiful country because they are resilient and have a strong desire to succeed. It’s been ten days, and I’m impressed at what the youth are doing to invest in their country. These are stories that should be told to the rest of the world. Stories that demonstrate that there is a more positive side to the country than is commonly portrayed.” 

 South Sudan’s youth have shown rapid growth and potential as talented YouTubers and overall Content Creators in modern-day media, whether it’s via Chat with Sambro on Facebook Live, Nyounville sharing short films on YouTube, or Kiden’s Junubia Girl Talks Podcast. South Sudanese citizens can improve their use of digital tools by not only presenting a new narrative and progressing technologically in line with the rest of the world, but also broadcasting the South Sudan they want to live in.

 While in South Sudan Wode Maya visited many sights and and tourist attractions from cruising on the Nile, visiting farms, entrepreneur’s businesses and a Mundari cattle camp. He also went to the market and tried the local food with local YouTuber Charity Naji in suk Konyo Konyo and Hai Thora. The young man’s youtube channel is full of positive and fun stories from around the continent and his time in South Sudan is no different. 

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Story by Eva Lopa

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