Kush Vintage (Fashion of Modern Times)

There is a buzz of artistic activity happening in juba at the moment, the young people in the capital have taken to all types of creative expression that really highlights the drive and passion of the youth working towards a brighter future. Kush Vintage is a start up company that initially was formed as a collective of fashion designers, models, photographers, graphic designers, stylists, make up artists and comedians that would meet up once a week to discuss how their respective sectors were doing and to see if there was a way in which each member could bring work to the others.

Although work was coming in for the collective the members felt they needed to do more to shine light on their separate skill sets. The founders came to the realisation that they had all the elements to conduct marketing campaigns and came up with a proactive plan to market themselves as their first project.

Kush Vintage has blossomed into an A-Z solution company for marketing in South Sudan. Gone are the days of companies and graphic designers searching in vain for indigenous models to represent their company on billboards and magazine adverts. Kush vintage are a very impressive group of talented young creatives that are here to fill the void. The group consists of guys and  ladies from different parts of South Sudan whom all bring individual talents to make the master piece you see before you.

The pictures that were curated by the company on the river banks of the White Nile show the effort and well thought out plan by the group to bring this idea to fruition. Standing in the hot juba sun for hours on end was no deterrent for the models and camera crew who knew that getting the perfect picture would bring their project main stream attention.

Of course in the fashion of modern times the pictures from the shoot were uploaded on social media and has caught the imagination of the thousands of fashion lovers and facebook users. Fans and well wishers are now excitedly waiting to see which style and back drop Vintage Kush will use for their next shoot or will they be snapped up for an add campaign by one of the big companies in South Sudan?

The group that consists of Lual Maduk (Model/ Designer), Akur Leek (Make up artist/Model) Dhieu Francis (Model) Anyuon Anthony( Media specialist/Designer), Sara Yien (Makeup specialist/ Trainer), Majok Malual ( Stylist/Designer) Waisa Charles( Designer/model) Giet Junior( Model/Run way trainer)  Biar Malual (Model/Designer)  Pieng (Dancer/ Model) Chiengkuach Mabil (Manager) & Achouth Deng (Photographer) Have a contagious energy and we expect this group to achieve huge success in the near future.

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Written by Deng Kon